About Us
EnviroCare International Limited is one of the foremost competitive and the most productive third party environmental testing laboratory in Bangladesh, offering a full range of environmental inspection, testing, assessment and consultancy services for attaining beautiful eco-friendly world. Our portfolio of services includes providing detailed environmental solutions and testing using state-of-the-art instrumentation and an experienced team of lab analyst as per standard, customer-supplied and in-house validated methods. It is a multi-disciplinary environmental testing, inspection, assessment and consultancy service based company that specializes in providing continuously upgrading technologies and innovative solutions to complex and challenging environmental problems. We partner with you to offer independent services that will help you reduce risk, streamline your processes and operate in a more sustainable manner. We are reputed in Bangladesh for our higher accuracy, reliable quality and distinguished services and trying to operate globally across a wide range of technical disciplines and industrial sectors.

Our Service Area are: RGM Sector, Pharmaceutical Industry, Power plant, Development Project, Dairy Farm, Cigarette Factory, Plastic Industry. Food Industry

Our vision
Our core competencies in environmental inspection, testing and assessment are being continuously improved to be best-in-class and committed to introducing new research and services in the arena of environmental sector. We aim to provide high quality and cost effective environmental testing services to our clients.

Our Mission:
Envirocare International Limited is dedicated to deliver high quality testing and analysis services with state-of-art technology and update standard methods so that our clients can meet their goals in terms of project profitability and timely completion.

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